Awnite Ventures

New version of Awnite is uploading to iOS and Android with support for Fortnite Save the World Ventures. Keep your heroes leveling and rescuing survivors!

  • Added Ventures
  • Added filtering for defenders, Venture XP, add Storm Alerts
  • Speed improvements, better battery life
  • Better grouping of reward mats on filter page
  • Long-press (marking mission as done) is disabled for the moment


Awnite support for new Fortnite STW Levels

Awnite STW Helper has been updated to include the new Twine Peaks levels 108-160. Enjoy!


Pediatric Blood Pressure Guide: Android

I finally got around to making my first public app for Android. The Pediatric Blood Pressure Guide is now available on the Google Play App Store. This is a rewrite of my iOS version in Once I get a hold of a Mac, I’ll make a new iOS version too.

The app is currently in Beta testing, so please try it out and give me feedback. Lots of stars would be awesome too.

Some may wonder why I am charging a dollar for this app when there is a free lookup tool by someone else. Simple. I think my app is better and more user friendly. And I want to recover the cost of the Google developer license. And go get a burger for the capybara.

I am willing to give out a 5 free copies for people who know how to do proper testing and feedback.


Pediatric Blood Pressure

I have finally published my first iOS app, Pediatric Blood Pressure. I decided to make a post about it since people are actually downloading the app and even putting up online reviews.

My sister-in-law mentioned to me that there are new pediatric blood pressure guidelines as of August 2017, corresponding to the update in adult BP guidelines. The original¬†Pediatrics paper includes several tables that one could print out and carry around, or put up on a wall. While fine for reference, she didn’t see that as very handy in a clinical setting. So, I volunteered to make an app for her.

With an extensive and statistically significant beta testing community (n=1), I decided to publish the app to the Apple App store. I decided to charge $0.99 to cover the cost of the Apple Developers license, and I know people will want support for years to come. Since then I have received some good feedback and plan to incorporate new features (like the data for infants, better explanation of colors, …). I have an Android version that I might publish if I get the time.

If you have comments, suggestions, gripes, or something else, please leave a comment here or on the Support page. If you want to donate you can send funds to me via Paypal, BTC, ETH, or XMR. =)