Pediatric Blood Pressure Guide

Looking for support ? The best way is to contact me via Twitter or Discord (Invite code: 7kKAPFV). You can also comment on this page.


  • Who is the intended audience?: Doctors and nurses evaluating children for high blood pressure.
  • Will you support feature X?: If there is enough interest.
  • Why did you make this tool?: A relative was frustrated with the existing way of doing things.
  • Why isn’t this free?: To recover the cost of the developer licenses.
  • What is with the animal?: That is a baby Capybara. I initially created this tool with the abbreviation CABP and thought it looked like a kid’s misspelling of the animal name.
  • Why don’t you add the recommended course of treatment?: So I don’t get in trouble from the FDA. This tool is not a medical device, and I am not a physician. But as a general rule: “Eat less and exercise more”.

19 replies on “Pediatric Blood Pressure Guide”

Hello! Are you any closer to completing an android version of this app? It’s a great time saver.

Rachel: Yes! I have an alpha version built now and will release the production version likely this week. Keep an eye out for “Pediatric Blood Pressure Guide” in the Play Store with the same icon as above.

Can you please make it to Android????? I’m a pediatric nephrology NP and wul love to quit stilling my docs phone! It is an awesome app!!!

Sorry this took so long. I have sent you an alpha release invite.

Great App! When will you had 5th percentiles? Using this for hypotension would also be super helpful!

I never considered it as they were not part of the original paper’s tables, and you are the first to suggest it. The app is primarily in maintenance mode right now.

Great idea! Can you send me a link to the authoritative source for the 5th% data data, or are you talking about using the formulas to calculate it on the fly?

Also, are people interested in additional translations? If so, let me know if you know native speakers who could assist!

Great job on the application continue the great work just a request if possible if you can add an interval by 1 month

Could you please elaborate? Do you mean being able to specify 1 year and 1, 2,3 months? Or do you mean being able to track a patient over a course of several months?

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