Awnite: Save the Husks

Note: Sales and support for Awnite ended on 2022/03/10.

Away from your computer or console, but want to know what loot is available in Fortnite Save the World? You need Awnite, an easy to use tool to filter the STW maps for the rewards you want and need to level up.

Looking for support ? The best way is to contact me via Twitter or Discord (Invite code: 7kKAPFV) . You can also comment on this page.

Requested/Upcoming Features

  • Current Llamas
  • Listing personal stats
  • V-bucks alerts


  • Who is the intended audience?: Fortnite Save the World players
  • Where is the iOS version? In the Apple iOS app store.
  • Will you support feature X?: If there is enough interest.
  • Why did you make this tool?: I like STW and wanted a way to see the rewards from my phone.
  • Why isn’t this free?: To recover the cost of the developer licenses and server processing.
  • Why don’t I just use FortniteDB or StormShieldOne? Those are awesome projects. Go ahead. They may be “free“, but they have advertisements, so you are paying with your personal browser information each time you visit.