About Awnage

Hi, I’m Greg Wilson, a PHP/nodeJS/Flutter/ReactJS/… developer by day and gamer by night. This site comprises my technical musings.

You can find me over on Twitch, Minds, Twitter, Github, SO Careers, and some other sites as well.

What’s with the name?

tl;dr; : grad school -> rice research -> awn is a plant part -> awnage

Set the wayback machine for when I was a graduate student in Plant Genetics, focusing on computation comparative genomics of O. sativa (rice). I was the lab network administrator and chose plant parts (stamen, pistil, …) as the convention for all the machines. When it came time to label my laptop, I chose “awn“. A little bit after that, I started playing a free MMO called Eternal Lands and named my avatar “Awn”. As one of the founding guilds in the game, and also the guild that hosted the US game download mirror, we had some special perks, one of which was having permission to run a custom game client. I took over development of the client from Cpp and some players started calling it Awnage. From there I grabbed the twitter handle and the rest is history.

What’s with the site?

I made this site to mostly house my technical posts. Simple.