Ned couldn’t save Awnite

I am sorry to say that I am ending sales and support for Awnite. It has been fun. I thought Epic would put more promotion into Save the World so that I could make enough to properly invest in the app. But no.

  • Google won’t let me update the app, even to just update the sales page, but continues to allow other people’s FN apps to be updated.
  • Last Android sale was in 2020
  • Only seven active installs on Android, two of which are in Iran of all places
  • Amazingly 6 sales on iPhone in the last 90 days but little actual usage

I’d recommend bookmarking if you want similar functionality of keep an eye on the FN subreddit.

Thanks for the fun times everyone.


Awnite Approved Again

So, for some reason, Google decided to let my app back on the Google Play Store. After changing the icons to custom ones, and then back again, changing the descriptions numerous times to include disclaimers, and then removing most of them. Then I needed to make a library update to satisfy a new GP requirement, at which point they decided to approve the app. Hard to not believe that there is just someone there who doesn’t like me.

In celebration of this good news, I lowered the price of the app. Yes, I charge for it in lieu of installing ads or selling your personal information. I do need to pay for server costs after all.

Latest new feature: Displaying which Desert maps are Bunker maps. Don’t you hate trying to find a bunker to complete a quest. Well, this will make it easier. Have fun Saving the World, husklings.

Mega Awnage
Courtesy of BeTheLighthouse

GP Rant (Awnite saga)

tl;dr; Google Play refuses to post my Awnite app update despite allowing other Fortnite fan-art apps.


Awnite Ventures

New version of Awnite is uploading to iOS and Android with support for Fortnite Save the World Ventures. Keep your heroes leveling and rescuing survivors!

  • Added Ventures
  • Added filtering for defenders, Venture XP, add Storm Alerts
  • Speed improvements, better battery life
  • Better grouping of reward mats on filter page
  • Long-press (marking mission as done) is disabled for the moment


Awnite support for new Fortnite STW Levels

Awnite STW Helper has been updated to include the new Twine Peaks levels 108-160. Enjoy!