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ZF1 still can’t parse dates right

I was running into some date validation problems between jQuery datepicker and ZF1. My client wanted one date picker to use a “January 01, 2000” format, and the others a “01/02/2000” format. Seems simple enough.



AngularJs Zend Framework 1 Resource Plugin

I whipped up a simple ZF1 resource plugin for AngularJs called AngularZF1 and dropped it onto github. We have started using Angular at work and I thought, why not mimic how the ZendX_JQuery plugin works. Right now it doesn’t add much beyond just adding the script tag to your <head>. Enjoy, all you who are still on ZF1!


ZF Config XML vs Ini Showdown

Back at php|tek11 Rob Allen gave a talk on optimizing Zend Framework. During the tutorial he pointed out how you could cache your application config files so that they are not loaded and parsed at every request. This got me thinking about something that had been bugging me for a long time. What is the best format for your config file?

Back before ZF 1.0 there was a fair bit of confusion on how to do everything “right”, especially setting up a “modular” build. One of the first good examples out there was made by Dasprid, and he used an xml based application config. We are talking back in early 2007 when it was the wild west for ZF. Since then, I only see people using ini files.

Well, here it finally is, the official synthetic Zend_Config benchmark shootout.